Protein Skimmers – EP 3: Aquarium Filtration

Aquaponics 4 You BRSTV continues our series on Aquarium Filtration as we discuss the benefits of protein skimmers for your…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Aquaponics 4 You


  1. BulkReefSupplyCom says:

    lol I think people forget that thing is pulling out poop sometimes. I cringe every time I see someone clean it by hand in their kitchen sink….

  2. kimdachi says:

    i love this guy, he’s entertaining!
    thumbs up to “cleanest tank in the planet is 100x dirtier than ocean reef” and “if you value your health or marriage, you might wanna do this (clean skimmer gunk) in a laundry sink”

  3. BulkReefSupplyCom says:

    Never heard a better idea : )

  4. cannonball666 says:

    We need an American one produced in the South. Let it be named Lynyrd Skimmer.

  5. BulkReefSupplyCom says:

    It is disappointing but support on international products is something many manufactures struggle with. I have seen a few vendors really step up their game recently. I know vertex recently parted ways with royal and I have seen the quality of their support sky rocket.

  6. BulkReefSupplyCom says:

    Thanks. Quite is important !

  7. Chris SSMDad says:

    Great videos as usual.
    I do have the Red Sea Berlin Airlift 90 for my 40g reef tank and it’s a terrific skimmer. The only sound is the air pump to supply the limewood stone with air.

  8. snowboarderrx says:

    just so people know. anything royal exclusive offers absoutly terrible after purchase support. dont even bother.

  9. jack frost says:

    can you show on how to make 1 that works well i mean all the filters that you need for a salt water fish tank

  10. Joel Mirabito says:

    I made my first skimmer out of a Gatorade bottle, a storage container, a small power head and the air was injected with an air pump. It worked, but I had to empty it everyday.

  11. TheReeferBoss says:

    Great video glad, you guys are the best thing that could of happened to hobbyists on the net. I really like watching your vids, quick question, could you tell me what you think of the ATB 10.5 series? I’m planning on getting one and would like to know what are your thoughts about them? Thankx

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